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“Let us Plan perfectly, Practice regularly, Move Actively, Serve Sincerely, and behave Decently, to provethat we are all Indians.  We trust that "Service to Humanity is the Service to Almighty".”

                                                                                                                                                      Mr. S.M.D. RAFI

(Founder of AL-SHIFA)

To ameliorate and enhance the wholesome personality of a child with mentally retardation.  AL-SHIFA Org Adheres to the ancient Meditational Methodology of Yoga, apart from the contemporary technologicalProgrammes, to equip and facilitate the most unfortunate Mentally challenged kids to reach their target successfully, through rehabilitation,Training and therapy.

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It is a well known fact that in the field of Mental Retardation Services, parents of affected children only will take the task and risk of serving such unfortunate group of children.  But in the case of Mr. S.Md. Rafi the story is all together a different one.  His inspiration came from an eccentric vision in a peculiar manner.He got a vision in the year 1999, in which he saw a child playing with God in heaven.  He at last could recognize that thechild to whom he knows from her childhood.  She was the only daughter of an officer in his town, and she was Mentally.

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